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Hi! We are Maskot Tattoo

Maskot Tattoo Studio
We are a team of professionals and creative personalities.

Each of us is a specialist of his own art and style.

Client for us is a friend and at some point a source of new experiences and knowledge. We always stand for individuality and every sketch is created according to your preferences and original style of the tattooist.

In the hands of our tattoo artists - old or bad works are going to get a new life. And we'll be happy to help you to make them better.

Also in our studio you can take a course of tattooing.

For any questions you can always contact our manager or to fill out an application form.

It's a pleasure to meet you :)
Our team
Taras Shtanko
Graphics, ornamental, dotwork
Anna Polishuk
Color graphic (psychedelic)
Yuliia Gobriy
Vitaliy Miroshnichenko
Graphic, ornamental, graywash
Slava Zhurbenko
Dana Rogovska
Graphic. Piercing
Our studio
Our team is a family, and a cozy studio is home.
In our studio
you can get
Gift certificates/T-shirts/Longsleeves/Tattoo care products
How we work
All the best for you
Get in touch with us in any comfortable way and share your ideas and wishes.

We will answer all your questions, get you an appointment where you'll be able to discuss everything with an artist personally.

If you don't have an opportunity to get to the appointment, we'll be happy to arrange it in a telephone/online mode for you.
What the price of the tattoo does depend on?
The price usually depends on the complexity and the size of the chosen project. There is an hourly pay in our studio.

You may get more detailed info about the price and duration of the session from an artist or an administrator at the appointment.
How painful it is and if it's possible to make it pain free?
This is a very individual thing since pain depends on your pain threshold and the place of the tattooing.

In our studio we use local anesthesia (but always suggesting our clients to avoid this procedure).
Do you make temporal tattoos?
No, since temporal tattoos don't exist. If you found an info about such procedure, most likely it's been spread by fraudsters.
Do you give tattoos to minors (under 18 y.o.)?
Yes, of course, but only with a presence of one of the parents or a brought filled out form-permission from the parents.
Do you work using other people's sketches?
In most of the times an artist would make small changes (improvements) to the sketch. We don't do the exact copies, because we stick to the copyright policy.

And it's also much nicer to go with a unique tattoo ;)
Do you cover/correct someone else's works?
Yes, our tattooists do cover ups. For more detailed info you can contact us by submitting an application form.
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Choose artist
Add pictures of the tattoo you want to get if youve got any
Contact us
+380 (93) 190 99 34
Ukraine, Kyiv, Lipinskogo street, 4
50.449566, 30.508141